Sam Bailey Wins Our Hearts!

Sam Bailey’s new ‘Sing My Heart Out Tour’ wins our hearts!

We went to see Sam Bailey in her new tour last night and she was absolutely fantastic!  Sam’s vocals were amazing as ever and remained strong throughout the show.  Sam even manages to add a little comedy along the way as well as giving you an insight of what it was like to be on the XFactor.

It’s only when you hear Sam sing you remember exactly why it was you voted for her back in 2013 (if you didn’t, shame on you!).

Sam performed a number of tracks from her repertoire which of course included songs from her latest album, ‘Sing My Heart Out’, produced by 90’s A1 singer Ben Adams and Steve Dorff.  We particularly enjoyed her CherBelieve‘ inspired dance track ‘Take It Out on The Dance Floor’ and power ballad ‘Echo’.

Sam was also joined on stage by the fantastic Rock Choir who’s members also included her beautiful Mother and Aunt.  They sounded fantastic along side Sam in some of her big ballad numbers.

Sam’s band and backing singers were also fantastic who each had a chance to perform.  Stand out performances were given by club circuit singer Marc Bolton who has the most amazing voice, we recommend that you check him out online!  Marc hopes to go on tour with Sam’s band very soon, so looking forward to attending that show.

If you haven’t ever taken the time to go and see Sam perform we recommend that you do, you certainly won’t be left disappointed!

Sam still has tickets available at a number of venues around the country, so make sure you head over to her tour page HERE and grab yourself a seat!


Jordan Walker and Sam Bailey - Highmore PRJordan Walker

We would also like to give a shout out to seventeen year old singer, Jordan Walker who opened the show as one of Sam’s support acts.

Jordan has a fantastic voice and performed a number of songs including ‘Seasons of Love’ from one of our Directors favourite musicals, RENT.

Keep up the good work Jordan and you’ll go far!