Pepsi Max – PR With a Bang

Pepsi have launched a new PR marketing stunt for their Pepsi Max brand using an amazing bus stop Ad on London’s New Oxford Street .

Pepsi installed an HD screen facing into the shelter and a camera on the other side, they project live video of the street, but with a few added extras.  Unsuspecting victims are greeted with asteroids flying towards them,  monsters dragging people into a man hole, UFO’s and even a tiger on the loose!

After seeing these amazing images people naturally went around the other side of the bus stop to check out what was going on, only to be greeted with a large advert for Pepsi Max.

Man looks at Pepsi Max Advert at Bus Stop

Check out this genius, and great use of modern technology, marketing campaign below:

For more on Pepsi Max, visit their official website here: